Due to my drinking habits and my screwed up linguistic ability I haven’t made a lot of friends in Kerala and therefore my social circle is restricted to handful of people from work, young people who are photographers, musicians or cinema lovers and some foreigners who don’t judge me for my drinking habits.

I was recently on a look out for a new house as the Mrs was planning to move in with me and therefore I was regularly on calls with a lot of real estate agents from and around Kochi. Around this time I was introduced to this 18 something young photographer from the city. Young, vibrant and very good at capturing moments on his camera, this guy often used to chat up with me and we used to discuss lot of things.

About a week ago, I was with this real estate agent who was taking me around the city to check suitable places for myself. Sitting in a rikshaw, having travelled half of the city and totally pissed for not being able to find a good house and that is when this 18 something friend of mine popped up on the chat. He asked me about my whereabouts and  I informed him that I was a bit busy. He asked me if everything was fine. And then this was our conversation.

Me “Da ninaku Ernakulathu  nalla parijayam ondo?” (Do you have a lot of contacts in Ernakulam?)

He “Avishatil erre onda, JK para JK’kyu enda vendiyada”  (Enough and more. Let me know what you want)

Me “Eda Nalla Weedu noki erangiyada, onnum kittanu illa” (I am out searching for some house,couldn’t find any)

He “Machchan, tension adikyenda, njan opichu taraam”  (Buddy, you need not be worried. I will arrange it for you)

Me “Thanks da. Will catch up with you later


I went ahead with the house hunting only to be disappointed and come back home. It must have been around 9 in the night, I was indulged in a book, and that is when I heard my phone calling out for my attention. I lazily walked across and answered ‘my photographer’ friend’s call.

He: “Hello Machcha. You home?”

Me: “Yeah. why?”

He:  “Open the door; I have got something for you. Good news only. Open, no”

I smiled thinking about the ‘No’ as he used it and opened the door. He was standing there smiling wide and his hands extended.

I was wondering what it would be. A lot of thoughts ran through my house hunting occupied head. A key to some beautiful house, somebody’s number who has a house or might be some simple gift were some of my guesses.

I reached out and he slowly placed what was in his hand into mine. I couldn’t recognize what it was until I smelled it. Strongly smelling like weed, tightly packed in a plastic, light and very much confusing.  This was confusing because he knew that I was neither into drugs nor into alcohol and giving this to me definitely didn’t make any sense. The confusion on my face was evident and his smile faded away.

He asked me with a frown on his face “Machchan alle paranje, nalla Weed’u venam enu” (Buddy you told me that you wanted some good weed)

And I could not stop laughing

Furrow of Memories

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Breathing darkness into my soul,
I wander in this furrow of memories
Seldom do I stop and wonder why I wander,
coz these are memories of nothing but you.

Walking ahead in time still lost in my own past,
I wonder what hurts me more.
If it’s the limitless memories of you
Or the lesser time we have been together.

Let us walk again as we did once,
Relive those moments that we called life
Breathe in some light into our souls,
And wander away in this furrow of memories…. Again.

Playing with Words

Posted: August 26, 2013 in The Thoughts
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He was playing with the words,
His soul floundering within,
Unlearning his life with verbs and verses,
Reading her words and pouring his own
He watched her fade and bicker again
She took them away; his words.

Words set to tease and unperturbed she was,
Thoughts as bait and indifferent he seemed,
Playful again, as they played with words,
Undefined emotions and undesired passion,
Meaningless words to mystical thoughts,
He put them back; her words.

His words escaping her, she watched
Her thoughts intriguing him, he falls
Ardour withheld for the fear of uncertainty,
Love, lust, rage; indecisive and overlooked
Defeating to lose and winning to conquer,
Together they play with these words.




*Written sometime back. A few edits.

We Willie Winkie

Wee Willie Winkie
Runs through the town
Upstairs and down stairs
In his night gown

Rapping on the windows
Crying through the lock
“Are the children all in bed
Or they stripping on skype and Gtalk?”


There was an old Woman Who lived in a shoe

There was an old Sonia
Who lived in a shoe
She had so many ministers
She didn’t know what to do
She gave them some ministry
Their Scams are now a Mystery
She owned them like a boss
And now we have a nation at loss


Row Row Row your Boat.

Drive drive drive your car
Gently down the potholes
Merrily merrily merrily merrily
Coz the politicians are assholes.


The Itsy Bitsy Spider

The itsy bitsy spider
Climbed up the water spout
Down came the rain
Spider survived but our Roads were washed out.


Teddy Bear Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear
Turn around
Teddy bear Teddy bear
Touch the ground
Teddy Bear couldn’t coz he was fucking fat.

Phir Se….

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Phir se iss bheed mey aakar tanha sa reh gaya hoon,

Phir se inn anjaan chehro mey ek pehchaan bana raha hoon,

Kuch aisa darr sa gaya hoon, apne iss akelepan se,

Zindagi ki chaav ko andhera samajh baitha hoon,

Kuch aisa Darr sa gaya hoon, apne iss akelepan se,

Zindagi ke andhere mey bhi aankhen bandh kar baitha hoon.

Khwaishon ko adhoora chodkar, phirse chal pada iss raah par,

Khwaishey jo poori hui, unse bhi mooh modkar,

Inn shabdo mey uljhi hai meri  soch aur Kuch darr sa gaya hoon,

Phir se iss bheed mey aakar tanha sa reh gaya hoon,

Phir se inn anjaan chehro mey ek pehchaan bana raha hoon,

There for You

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Just want you to know I am there.
Moments when you need nobody,
I will be a wall against your shadow.
When you want me to be your man,
I’ll hold you close, soul and body

Just want you to know I am there,
When promises are broken and words hurt,
Will watch you fall yet not letting you break
In your moments of glory, glowing with pride
I’ll stand in the corner, watching you celebrate

Just want you to know I am there,
As you walk away with another man
Waiting for you where you left me,
For you to find me, each time you look back
Just want you to know I am there for you.

Desires & Wisdom

Posted: January 17, 2013 in The Thoughts

Ugly are my words for the wisdom I seek,
Unlike the past, I seek wisdom to the brim,
Withheld are my desires of the past and the future,
Journey towards life through the ruins of Mankind that lived,
I walk, each step stumbling and hurting sense into me; Wiser by the distance.
Locked away somewhere are my desires to live unlike this, Ugly are these desires.