The Little One: Kaksha Desai

Posted: February 13, 2010 in The People
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I always knew that there was this little girl in my college who was very active and more than that very friendly. It was during an intercollegiate meet that we bonded. We had a great time apart from some issues (thanks to Sumit Irani and his girl). I knew she had a great a potential and was hard working. The best thing about her was her understanding about her shortcomings and her determination to overcome it. It was during the second year when I was chosen to be the CL for an event in some college and I had to choose an ACL from the first year and Kaksha was my first choice. Fortunately for both of us we won the event. I took a year off from the college after second year and there after started working. During this period I bonded well with Kaksha and we used to meet more often then we used to earlier.  We planned to start off a company called Adgasm ads along with Nayan and Sumukh. I rejoined the college and started stuydying together and in the evening used to meet up at Nayan’s office in Juhu.

Things were going great but then every good story needs to have a glitch to make it better. And it happened that we used to do most of the projects together. And due to my work I was short on some projects and I asked for Kaksha’s help. When the project was submitted the professor found one of our content to be same and I was blamed for cheating and taking undue advantage of a friend. I decided to bring an end to it. I apologised and walked out of my academic life forever. I and Kaksha still used to talk until one day when a friend of mine told me that Kaksha mentioned that it was because of me that she scored less in her projects. I was furious and I texted some insensitive and ruthless stuff across to her and we decided to part ways.
It was almost after six months that we met over internet and without apologising and without digging into the past talked about each others whereabouts. May be it was destiny or the need to have an old friend back but we have remained friends there after.
Thanks to Kaksha Desai  who made me understand that sometimes small is big and small efforts are an inevitable part of the grand success. When we talk about efforts we have in mind rather we are prejudiced about the sweat and the muscle pull involved. The fact is that when we we look into the deep-seated laws of success we will find that every success story has a small beginning and every small beginning have innumerable tales of effort involved. The opportunity may knock just once but its up to us whether to keep the door open after that single knock. Keeping our ways open for opportunity, looking beyond our plans, striving to make a mark on the way to success may need small efforts but they matter. Thinking and talking about the grass root level one can identify the significance of putting in efforts.

Success is predestined to those who have understood the importance of efforts. Solitary efforts for the cause of society will make a difference but the impact will be as good as nothing. If we have understood the importance of the cohesive efforts put in for a social cause then the end result is predictably going to be a triumph. The joy of having won a battle with an army is far more blissful than a lonesome victor. Kaksha Desai is one human being I have come across who knows the importance of efforts and also her insight about where to put in efforts is unmatched. A small figure with a big smile and unassailable level of energy with the perfect understanding of the efforts and its significance is character to remember and cherish. Well she may be unaware but she has taught me what efforts can do to the end results.

  1. kaksha says:

    hey thanks a lot… its really sweet of u…:) :)…

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