Ashley: Who Am I Writing About?

Posted: February 18, 2010 in The People
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This will surely come in as a surprise but then, yes I have been asked rather forced to write about someone whom I have never met and surely this was not “on public demand” but an individual persuading me to write about her. I often leave a “thank you for peeping” note on those profiles who are on my recent visitors list. I have come across some wonderful people due to this.

Ashley is one such girl( I don’t even know if I have spelt her name right or the worst I don’t even know if she is a she). To be honest we haven’t even spoken to each other more than a few couple of times(most of the time incomplete conversations due to her). All I know of her in general is, that she is a student or just about to complete her studies. Also that she has some connection to the eastern states, she is an all together smart head who would have an opinion about everything but not necessarily with a reasoning for that. Initially I couldn’t understand why she wanted me to write about her as I hardly knew anything about her, may be she read through my blog and found that I keep writing about people in my life without a reason.

I found her to be a girl ( I will keep myself happy by assuming that she is a girl) who would have a lot of questions for each and everything you tell her. She is a beautiful girl(I have never seen her) and in this context I meant her thoughtful understanding of the importance of human life and the pain of losing someone. During one incomplete conversation she mentioned about watching people losing their beloved ones, I believe it was something related to the eastern states. Her words were filled with sorrow and I am sure if I would have been listening to her talk I would have avoided blinking. It was touching to read through her chat and I would say this with a lot of conviction that she is a human and not just another in the rat race for glory. I hate people who leave a conversation incomplete(I am one of them coz either I get jaded or they tend to bore to the core) and Ashley has often left our conversation incomplete. I would be pissed off with her for this but the fact that she would come back with something witty or something that would surely grab my attention that I forget the brain screwing she has given me in the past. She has a tendency to post something on my scrapbook and most of the time that would be a vernacular and friendly question about whether I am dead or trying for that. Honestly I don’t miss talking to her or funny scraps but I do often think about her lack of freedom that she mentioned to me once because I find her to be a liberal thinker and a thought provoker who would question everything under the sky, then why not this lack of freedom.

I am still not sure why she asked me to write about her but hope I could understand her better as a friend so that I can take her case royally and rubbish her on my blog, but as of now she seem to be a wonderful human being who is wise ageWISE. A perfect example of a thoughtful effervescent gal who is also a woman somewhere


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