Anuradha: lot to think about

Posted: February 20, 2010 in The People
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“She is passionate, strong headed and she know what she wants to do” these were the words used by a teacher at school to describe Anuradha Shenoy. I had heard her speaking and I had no different opinion about her. She seemed to be one of the few who knew what she thought and what she stood for. We never interacted during the school days except for the one time; I was taking some mock classes during the teacher’s day. She was indeed passionate about her ideas and passionate enough to justify herself against a thousand strong thoughts. Well that was all I knew and heard of her while in school. I was in Cochin when I saw Anuradha’s profile on a networking site and sent across a friend request just for the sake of it or call it “Destiny’s Work”. We soon started interacting over the internet. It was more than astonishing to know that she was doing something she never wanted to and was still repenting over her decision to please her parents. she was acting like a droll who knew that she had messed up with her life but still as she always was ready to face the world with the same energy. I wasn’t even friends with her. We started interacting and more than that discussing her. I was a stranger trying to intrude into her life but I did. She was a simple girl who was once even unsure about crossing a road but with an absolute intelligent mind and unsullied soul. She told me that she would judge people only if they were important to her and her thinking loud attitude helped me easily connect to her because she was not just another woman who has just passed her teens. She was someone who knew what life was and had seen the harshness of her life. She thought she was prepared but at the same time she knew had lost her confidence. I know all this would picture a sad portrayal but we shouldn’t overlook the fact, the opinion that the teacher had about her “passionate and strong headed”. And indeed she was one. We started discussing her, we argued, we fought, we discussed, we understood each other better (well me better of her). I would be mendacious if I would use the term “just friends”. I talk to her like a brother who loves his sister and adores her to the most. I act like a mentor (am not even sure whether she likes this part of our relation) who wants his apprentice to be the best. I know I have my own limitations and I even know I am not the right one to guide her. I see her life as a cocoon and her to be the caterpillar. I know she would be better off if she fights her own way out. Well may be I could compel her to break free of the shackles that she has created around her and its time she does that. She is just a perfect, beautiful woman who is virtuous and able, who knows what is right and what isn’t. Life is going to be good her or to quote her “I just tell my self that I am not going to die before leading my life “happily ever after””


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