Why Write When You Aren’t Right

Posted: February 20, 2010 in The Thoughts
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I recently came across an article (read crap) in one of India’s leading newspaper which questioned our (youth) mindset. Neither do I recall that genius’ (sic) name who wrote the article nor do I care to do so. I know the questions he had asked weren’t personally directed to me nor were his suggestion apt to better my mindset. But being the part of the large group called YOUTH; I proudly take this bloody effort. To quote him “what is India’s youth doing today? They have undermined the cultural values and have brought in the unwanted western culture which is degrading our system”

Sir, I would like to ask you to do something that could save me the trouble of thinking loud. Sir I would ask you to shut up!

A lot has been written about today’s youth and lot more about how we can make a difference. But let’s enlighten ourselves about this write ups. These articles or blah as I call them are mostly monotonous and even scribbled by someone who has lost his youth a quarter a century back or may be more than that. They question our thoughts and they answer their own questions. They think as they should and not as we would. They have an opinion about everything and no good reasoning to support their false opinions. They just know what we do but they are far from understanding what we think. So the question is “Are we what they think we are or Are we way beyond their understanding?”

There is one thing that they fail to understand or even fail trying to understand is that we, youth, have an opinion about ourselves. We have an opinion with the reasoning to support it. We know what opportunities are and we know what to choose and what is to be ignored. They need to understand that companies, armies, organisations, NGO’s are looking out for youth to work for them because they know we hold the key to their success. Those who write about- us bringing in the western culture need to understand that we brought in the technology along with the culture.  We brought the change in the system that you complained about for decades. We are the ones bringing in the novel ideas and putting into action.

So to all those who write about us and write about what we think and what we do? Care to think and care to understand what we are. We aren’t just what you think we are, we are way beyond that.


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