Respected First Citizen

Posted: February 22, 2010 in The Things
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Respected First Citizen,

I have been thinking about this for a long time but was a bit busy with some social responsibilities but may be this is the right time to let you know what I feel and also for you to think about and judge my thoughts. The U.S. election was an everyday news on the Indian television since last October or may be earlier (my apologies for the ignorance as I wasn’t bothered) and we all eagerly waited to know who would be the president but somewhere during this I realized that we lacked the same kind of enthusiasm when you were elected and  was a news just for ten days or was that even lesser. I think the reason is the lack of power bestowed upon the job you are entitled to.  And with the utmost respect for the Indian constitution  and consider this as my lack of knowledge may I ask what is the Indian president for. If you, the first citizen was elected just to travel around the country during the tenure or just to give sober speeches at the national festival and function’s then you are doing your job utmost. My apologies honorable president but I do sometimes feel that you are just an idea. I don’t ask, you, the president of the Indian Republic to close down some brutal  jail. Neither do I ask you to act upon the global economic and  the political issues nor to plunge into war with the oil rich nations but can we look into the matters of the country. Avoid traveling a lot rather get yourself glued to the facetious television and have the glimpse of  the corrupt politicians and raging war of culture. Look into the matters of raj’s unwanted raaj and also look into the matters of  the poor farmers. don’t let the politicians and corrupt police eat the peace out of common mans life. Look into the matters of national integrity and care to think about the issues of common masses . Care sorry dare to look into the matters of national concern like our economically and socially downtrodden  yet terror wise rich neighbors’ trying to send their envoys to our country with grenades and ak47’s.  trust my words respected president I was second to none in celebrating when I knew that we are soon going to have a woman president as I believed that a woman is always a factor of motivation and power. I believe there is still time to bring a change. Set a standard for the next to come by or  do some thing that there is a mass appeal to retain you as the first citizen of the country. Give power and pride to the job that you are entitled to rather than  just being an idea or make me write again but let me write a song of glory and gratitude felt by a common man. Hope I haven’t wasted much time from your busy schedule which you would have surely utilized for the betterment of the nation. No sarcasm or criticism intended this is just  a letter to the first citizen of the nation  from another citizen.



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