Abbas : The Man who would always be a Boy

Posted: February 25, 2010 in The People
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Aby as the world knows him and abu as I call him is one of the few people (18 of them) I feel comfortable talking to and no matter what it is. Whether its an failed attempt to woo a girl or even sleeping with someone. I met him in school though we weren’t the best of the friends then rather not even friends. He was one of those good looking guys was shy or it seemed so. He would smile at anyone who was friendly and warm. I knew him as one of the tallest guys in the school and the guy who always used to be late for the school assembly along with me.

We started bonding out of necessity. Just like him I planned to shift to Mumbai for my graduation(which I never completed) and we had to rent a house. Akash suggested his name and Chintan was our first choice. My dad was sceptical about me sharing my house with a muslim and and me being one of those hindu guys who found islam to be scientific had big show down with my dad. He talked about terrorism and brutality and I talked about prophet mohammed and peace. I knew things wouldn’t work out under anycircumsatnces after all he was paying for it. So I knew what I had to do….. I suggested that he can meet Abbas and his family just for the sake of understanding what kind of people they are. I still remember that I was just back from my usually fooling around and my dad told me he was ready to let me share my apartment with Abbas and I was more than surprised…. The better word would a WHY???…

I called up Akash and told him about this and the next thing I did was walk upto my dad and ask him what made him change his mind. He just told me that I should try to be like Abbas. I don’t know why but I was happy though I never wanted to be like him. We left for Mumbai and initially I felt that me and abbas would never bond well but then he was very friendly and that helped a nerd like me to enjoy his company. He usually kept away from our usual crap entertainment. But during the first year after his break up he used spend a lot of time with us. Then there was no looking back.

Whether it was walking in the flooded Mumbai or crying over his shoulder when Salina Teacher(some one whom i really was close with)  left he was there with me. He would never speak when you share your grief and but in the end he will just have that patented dialogue of his “ chalta hey re”and would put ur hand on your shoulder and that’s one thing that still makes me feel comfortable. He had his share of girlfriends and has gone through certain things that no other man would stand. He has taught me that everything in the world is personal but nothing has to be taken personally as long as it doesn’t affect  you. He has his way tackling issues and would never stand for something that he doesn’t believe in. I don’t know what all we have done together as a group of seven nerds but on an individual level he was always and would always be that abu with whom I walked in the Mumbai flood just to check goodllooking gals, someone with whom I drove to vapi on a bike, someone who saw me crying in public, someone who would be ready for a cup of coffee at 3 in the night, someone with whom I used to enjoy fasting with during ramzan, someone who would plan trips and force u to go there, even riding to bhendi bazaar to have just a plate of some good food, someone with whom I have worked at sujusha, someone who is more like a brother than a friend. Not only him even his sister Farzana who has a weird sense of humour, his mom who cooks great food, his dad who is a tall man with a with apersonality you would wish to have and his brother-in-law and his sisters  in-laws who are as warm as once family could be are few people I got to know through him.

I may, and I know I can keep on writing about him and incidents where we got screwed up but may be some other time. As of now I still cherish every moment I have shared with him and every story we got to laugh about.

  1. Abbas says:

    i dnt rmbr mein kitni baar read kar chuka hu yeh…bt evry time i read m almost on the verge of crying…lol…really missed those days…i really wish sab mile…EKSAATH…as v alwys used to talk abt 10 yrs k baad sab kaha honge..lolz!!!miss u guys..DN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jaykay that was really something 🙂 I mean really I don’t know what to say to you sometimes….that was just soo sweet as Abbas bhai(Uncle) said I was on the verge of crying too for some reason!And I caught something…YOU DID CRY WHEN SALINA AUNTY LEFT!!HAHHHAHHAHAHA!!!! I already knew so, guys just try to act tough…:p k Cheers!!!

  3. Dhanya says:

    ah ha!! it was a pleasure meeting you both!! also mr nair!

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