Vinay.. More than a Friend

Posted: March 4, 2010 in The People
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I don’t know if this would make sense to anyone at all. Well to begin with, life was kind to me the day I realized how much Vinu (Vinay) cared for me as a friend…and even better when he told me that I was more or less like a brother to him. I knew him from my school days and then he was a typical mallu from whom I would like to keep my self away from. He was that typical guy who would be tagged as a sissy. Ok now all these would be just the right thing to irritate him and force him to take a dig at me. It all started with our move to Mumbai to pursue our higher education… and to be honest thats when I made most of my friends. Initially I was totally against the idea to let a typical mallu to stay with us and that too a guy who seemed to be a sissy to me during the school days and Akash seconded my opinion. I was pretty determined to not let this guy stay with me. But then it was Chintu who convinced us to take the risk and to be honest I cherish that decision. Initially he turned out to be a bit of  self centered and kept to himself but then as they say,  it’s a woman who can make a difference and that’s what happened. Like everyone of us even he was in love. The emotions and then the burst up and that’s when we struck the right cord. We became friends and we started sharing and as we used to say staring at things alike. He started showing signs of being in unison with us at least with me. He is one guy who would stand against the world if he knew that you are right and he stood by me in my tough times even when rest of my beloved and sacred friends let me down and even this time for a woman. We have stood by each other in the toughest times and not just me, he is the same to all his friends and when I say friends I mean the ones I know and the ones I am talking about. Today we are in different places and even far off from each other but we know that what ever the situation be Vinu would be there if we need him. He is a man who isn’t ashamed to cry for his friends and with his friends and that makes him a true friend. He is one guy who would tell you on your face to skedaddle if he thinks you are putting up some crap and no matter who you are. He has the gumption to stand strong and with a straight face even when he knows his friend is wrong but then who cares he is Vinu’s friend. I don’t know but I have met a lot of people so far in this  journey called life but he is one guy who makes me feel like a brother whenever I talk to him. A guy whom I couldn’t stand and today a guy whom I cant stand apart from. He is at times very stubborn and I do give in to his demands but that’s because I know he wont harm me or to put in a better way “wont let anybody pull me down”. Vinu, I know I wouldn’t be able to justify with words when I talk about you but I am sure you would understand what I mean when I say I love you bro. well as they say BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER. I would say who cares about mothers fathers and sisters and even brothers ….. He is my bro… One of the few guys I would stand by even if I know he was wrong …. But then who cares… he is my friend… You are one guy and read it again bro… You are on guy who could force me into doing things not because you are good at that but I hate to stand against your wishes..

  1. akash says:

    cheers man!!!aankho se aasu aagaye … keeda vinu u r da best brooo!!

  2. Vinay Nair says:

    i miss u jk… 😦

  3. Vinay Nair says:

    Purane yaadein tazza ho gaaye!!! 🙂 😥

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