Lost Thoughts

Posted: April 4, 2010 in The Thoughts
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Death would have been easier for the man I am
If death would have come, with so much passion that I feel for her
Ask me for the reason I would look upon her
Ask me for the pain I wouldn’t know the reason
Not for the love I feel but the pain in that
Love seems lost or may be in love it seems
Drops of dream and all falling on to my closed eyes
All the more I am lost and all the more I am in love
She spoke of what I knew I would feel and she
She spoke of us and said its never, wish it was true for it seems forever
She saw my pain before I shared
As she asked me to keep away from her
Though I feel pain there as much I am in
Wild are the ways we think for the past we lived
Wild it would seem for the present we have
Love is what we do yet undefined for the world
Love all the more for it seems endless in all
Know her of her thoughts, her dreams and her love alike.
Know so much of pain in knowing that she is possessed.
Know as much pain, for I belong to her.
I stand crowded by relations lost in her thoughts,
Lost, I see her from a strange distance that’s strangely close.
Lost might be she but I know I walk along
Neither words of wisdom nor the curse of betrayal
Not even the pain of losing would hold us back
For I know its passion in all
Know not where it headed but know it isn’t right
Know it couldn’t have been better for the joy it gives
She asked, I spoke but in between thoughts lost
She knew, I mystified yet we knew the answers all the same
Times we spoke of love yet scared to define for we know
The pain there after would be the end of us
Or as she said I would be the end of her
Or she the end of me …

P.S:Trust me I don’t even know where to use the fullstops, the commas, the semi@#$$%#$% …. Honestly this is indeed lost..
Grammatical and spelling mistakes to over looked.. please do not question me on this one

  1. slpmartin says:

    Regardless of syntactical issues…the poem captures the emotions well…thanks for sharing your poem.

  2. Meherin says:

    Just this once..smelling in the incense.And feeling blessed for the oasis.

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