People I wish to grow old with

Posted: April 4, 2010 in The People
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Waiting for the train on the platform and lost in some vague thoughts, I was startled when a hand shook me and a voice asked me to make some place for them to sit. I turned around only find a couple might be in their sixties or even seventies. I smiled and shifted to the corner of the seating. They were chatting about their kids, their weekend ahead and I was sitting there, all thoughtless of what they said, but still listening to their conversation. I found the conversation meaningless until they said something about being thankful for being together and then they were smiling. I wished I could just look onto their faces and enjoy that smile they had, strangers they were so I couldn’t but then MPD took over and I was lost. Soon they left, leaving me occupied. Do I have someone in my life for whose presence I should be thankful or even people with whom I can grow old, be thankful about when I grow old, as old as this couple were. I boarded the train and these thoughts still occupied me, I know I am too young to think about this and will surely come across many more people. I thought of all the possible faces and I did know of some rather few, I would like to live with and grow old. The girl I was in love with for the last four years and would always want to be with, the woman who changed me enough to make me what I am and still acts as if she has not done much (she also happens to be my teacher), some friends with whom I spent the last couple of years, some friends I made at work and really became a significant part of my life and then my family. I am sure my girl, the life changing woman, the friends (the one I lived with and the ones I work with) are the ones who will be there because of the time frame we been together and have accepted me the way I am (weird). My family, they will stick to me because they are too much of society conscious to disown me for being so much of an irresponsible and uncertain crap.
When I say this, I am reminded of some people I have never met in person but know them quite well. I got introduced to them in the recent times or just became friends with, out of curiosity, amuse, error or just because we were destined. These people whom I came across due to wrong numbers (really don’t have any but just a wish), facebook, blogging or even chatroom conversations have made as much of a difference as my real friends did. They are just voices, words, ideas and sometimes just images but then they mean a lot. There are few amongst them with whom I would like to grow old. There is this gal I met a few days ago on facebook, we been talking endlessly and have been talking about life, love, religion, politics, humanity, charity, pain, loneliness, sorrow and even death(though I hate to talk about it). We have fought, laughed, argued, won over and defeated each other, we have sat in silence and we have shared some good jokes, we have had all that we could in real but then we have never met and not even spoke of doing so. I am sure I would like her to be a part of my life as much as anyone mentioned above in my wish list. Ask me if I care or love her and I would have to say yes but better if this is love undefined and I am sure it might sound funny or even gross to many, to be in love with a total stranger but then, don’t they call me weird.
I have another set of people who just keep inspiring me to achieve and fulfill my dreams. I have known them professionally but they made a lot of difference in my personal life. There is this man, whom I call “the man guided by god or the hand of god”. He has a way speaking and sharing his ideas. He would smile when I share an idea and listen with a frowned eyebrow if I have something to point out. He is the man who makes me feel that there isn’t much that we have accomplished and there isn’t anything we can’t achieve. I have this wish to be living with them and may be walk closer to the end with them. I am not much of a dreamer but if this wish could be fulfilled then I am sure I will have another dream fulfilled. I am sure I will be able to smile about it in my “elderly” days as this couple did before leaving me with a wish.

  1. Suchithra says:

    Yes…writing a comment for the first time…..Always wanted to read and comment but somewhere it always slips out of my mind. But amidst the work, reading this piece really made me write….really loved the way you have written it…Have felt the same many times but to pen them down so beautifully..hats off….u really rock..:)

  2. Dipen says:

    excellent i wu say:) u write whats there in ur heart bro n tht’s what matters.. keep up the good work..keep rocking.

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