My Vague Thoughts

Posted: April 12, 2010 in The Thoughts
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Feel like cuddling up to u and just hugging ya nd be close thts all
So some compassion and let me have that much of you
Am not doing it again
Coz i know
I will end up wanting u all the more
I am feeling good and warm
Just shut up
Let me just find my comfort
Just dont talk
Let me be me
For once
And for ever
Just dont talk
Am good as i am
In love and lost
In pain and the warmth along
Keep me close for it hurts a lot
To know you dont belong
For i belong to u as much you dont to me

  1. nayna says:

    i just loved this……..very sweet…….

  2. Jeena says:

    Last line is poignant. what a dream girl!

  3. Spark says:

    wish u had wished!!

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