Healing the burnt

Posted: April 28, 2010 in The Things, Uncategorized
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Blurred eyes, all the same here…
Hopes lost, for there were none and never needed one,
You don’t have much left to do,
You played your part well.
You left me in hurt and so the blood you saw.

Sometimes we spoke meaninglessly,
Those were the times you searched for the meaning,
You sought answers that I never gave,
You lost the fights that I never fought,
Love relative to you,
I have another story and so I see love forever.

You thought you left me behind,
Your were so occupied,
You forgot,
Forgot to look back,
Look back in time and the words I spoke.
You just heard yourself,
Coz you thought it was you,
Forgot to see me….

I still walk along you,
Misty eyes yet I see you,
Lost you may seem, so are your thoughts,
Lost you may be but I am along,
Death do us apart but he will fail,
For all the reasons coz we spoke,
We spoke that would echo in eternity…

I haven’t left you so don’t ask me,
Where I am or what I do next..
Coz that scares me.. leaves me drained…
Wait no more for that waiting is for the one you lost
I am there closer to you … all the more you walk..
All the more I need you.. wish you… all the more close

Trust me for once,
I am not mistaken or lost,
I am the god of one for I know what is next
I know I love and love is what I love
Closed eyes you have but you hear me right
You hear me right

  1. slpmartin says:

    It is always interesting to think about how one can be alone…but still with someone…either their memory or spirit beside you…nicely put in your poem.

  2. Jeena says:

    U put in too much feelings into your poems A little objectivity will bring out better prose. and why are you so sad! Are you heart broken?

  3. Jaykay says:

    what.. my heart pumps blood.. if its broken.. am dead… i didnt knew it was a poem.. they force me to tag it as a poem… They think I am wise I think otherwise

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