Anecdotes from the lost past: I Buried my Pencils and Sorrows.

Posted: December 10, 2010 in The Thoughts
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I must have been 8 and I hated classrooms and more than that I used to hate the Homeworks. I had this crazy wild and imperfect hatred for homeworks, coz although I used to hate that thing I would be forced to complete my homework everyday. But then I never had the inner insane strength(the kind I have today) to disobey people and tell them that the spade that they have seems like a shovel to me and I do dare to call it a shovel. I was scared of being trashed at school and more, I was scared of being taken for a brutal ride at home for not obeying. So I started with a plan, I decided to destroy all the pencils in the world. I had made up my mind to destroy every other pencil I found, yes the pencils that were the root cause of my problems. The more the pencils .. the more I had to write . No pencils, No homework.. come on.. I was a kid and I was forced to think.. and even today I think that was the best plan I could have thought of.

We had this wonderful house which occupied the ground floor of a 5 storied building and we had this backyard for ourselves. I would take some time off from my “hide in the cupboard” sessions and get into the backyard to dig. I would dig everyday and hide pencils there, every time a new place and every time more pencils. I was getting happier and I somehow started feeling that there were no homeworks. I was happier and I was homework less(if thats even a word). I was happy. My sorrows were my homework, the cause were some pencils and I just pulled it off by killing the cause rather than worrying about those pencils.

I don’t know, My stupidity then has taught me the happiest lesson I could ever learn. These days when life has started throwing meaningless sorrows up against me, I stop worrying about the problem and I bury the pencils and I know I will find peace in my head. I know, these problem are around sometimes creating illusion and at times playing for real, hard against me but I have survived those brutal realities by burying them. I am happy today and may be those pencils are still there or like my imagery I see another child burying a few more pencils or may be his /her sorrows.


  1. Priya says:


  2. meher says:

    somehow those pencils keep writing..but memory’s homework ths time.tugging lines..

  3. Rama says:

    Beautiful, simply wonderful. Such innocence. Smiling reading that post. I feel you should make a trip to that place and dig and see how much sorrow you actually managed to annihilate all those years ago. I am reminded of Amar of Amar Akbar Anthony for some reason.

  4. nayna says:

    i love it…. 🙂

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