Are we there yet!!! Scams

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Kochi Gallan
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Now everybody has an opinion about scams and scandals, well I didn’t even knew what a scam or a scandal was untill now, coz I am too honest to cheat people of their ‘hardly’ earned money!! OK, jokes apart I know a lot and may be more about scams. Just the other day, flying around Kochi with a sense of belongingness I dashed onto the windscreen of a rude dude who squatted me of my landing zone. Well he called me names… well off kinds I should say.. he called me Raja and went onto call me Nira Radia, Barkha Dutt, Vir Sanghvi and eventually he called me 2G and thats when I realized that the masses have let go off the asses like me to vent their anger and now they have chose the famous and filthy rich. I wonder how much have this scams affected a commoner from Kochi like me.. one of the flying fidgety, fugitive and a foolish Mosquito. I was a part of stressed out recession victims and then I came out of it with a growing India and eventually I am soon to be a Super power so where exactly did this scams fit in, in my life. I don’t even use a mobile even worst I still wonder why they call it 2G when they can just call it 2f or too many f’s. I believe the rage over the 2G is at the higher level.. well the fools at higher level who assume they are fooling the masses with their moronic discussions of kinds. The fourth Estate being an equal partner in the crime in this case has decided to shut up, well may be they are waiting for some wikileaks about India to tarnish the government to save their asses. On the other hand the Ministers are waiting for some way out, coz they had- had their share of booty and can’t call themselves guilty to be thrown out of their seats .. well we already have had a lot of resignation this year from chief ministers rolling off coz of adarsh housing scams, over vedanta and mines and the worst.. sleeping with woman they would only meet once and eventually record their sexual adventures over their mobiles.. ohh I see thats why 2G is called 2G. 2 many girls.. well that’s just a perverted thought from me . Apologies. So the whole crux lies in the fact that I am indifferent to what they do to 2G or 3G, what really matters to me or what it seems like is that, its the business’ money well used to to have business and eventually provide us people( we the Indians) the cheapest call rates in the world to create a booming mobile market where in we see cut throat competition of kinds to sell us the cheapest handsets and at the cheapest price with all the major accessories loaded. I am more worried about what the government did with housing scam and trust me that is what is going to hurt the economy. Hopefully with the better side of the 4th estate being honest I would see thoughtful politicians thinking a million times to better the economy than fill their pocket. And yeah this reminds me I am back to such controversial topics .. after all I am one of the Kochu Gallans sorry Kochi Gallans!


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