Engineering Graduate

Posted: December 10, 2010 in The People
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Am a perfect example of an engineering graduate;
Am forced to work with problems that are delicate;
Has been asked to study properties of motion for the sake of it,
Learning all the stupid laws for the degree I’ll get;
Once studied a bit of chemistry and now I know why things saturate,
I know am tired of scientific terms coz they quite often exaggerate,

I am no genius but I feel engineering is gross,
But if I don’t abide by the books I will be at loss.
I know a bit about systems both in digital and analogue;
Though I don’t believe the philosophers; can quote some of their dialogues;
I’ll work all day and never quit, that is if I can manage it;
I am the one they call an engineering graduate.
I have more interests than most think,
But these interests change with a blink,

I live out of the computer that I have with me,
Thought its is the reason for my pain, Mr Babbage I don’t blame thee
Four years of college have forced me to get involved,
In problems that have only partially been solved.
My scores were always below average and a point of family debate,
That’s why I am an engineering graduate.


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