Dear Facebook

Posted: May 31, 2011 in The Thoughts
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Dear Facebook,

Haven’t heard from you in a long time so thought I would write to you. I haven’t visited you for sometime and trust me I was pretty busy with college, office and some other important work. I believe you missed me just like I do or at least hope so. I am writing this to you coz you haven’t notified me of many a things or have you really forgotten me. I know we haven’t met like we used to, every evening post work, but then you should blame the network admin; he used to hate the rendezvous we had during work. It seems as if he had blocked you but I did fight for you and now you are free to walk in anytime you wish to.

Honestly, this mail is more like a confession. More than a confession, it is a note of apology from a friend who has betrayed you in more ways than one and thought I should explain why. It was one of those days when you were not allowed at my work place; I was getting bored and impatient. Just for fun sake, trust me it was for fun sake, I thought of visiting Twitter. I knew you wouldn’t like that but I was really bored. Twitter was the same as always, boring and she seemed pretty indifferent to me. I spent some time with her and some of her friends but as always nobody cared about my arrival. They all knew me as ******* and I was kind of to be ignored after all the attention I got at your place. I had made 600 odd friends who would wait for me to visit you and they would all start commenting on everything I would say. People whom I had never met and people I would have never liked to meet but then yes they cared to talk to me. Yes, you made me come out of my shy box that I lived in before I met you. So, as I said, I spent some time with twitter and tried talking to people at her place. Nobody cared @sangitasri @ikaveri @randumbspeaks @gulpanag and even that lady @raggedtag. I was so annoyed and I just thought of ending all my relation with Twitter. The friendship, the little love and lesser respect I had for her. That’s when this lady @subhadra_72 started interacting with me, it was the beginning. I still wasn’t sure to ever come back or not and that’s when ,out of nowhere, another lady (now @MPalso ) Pallavi, as I knew her then,  started a  very fun filled interaction. I know I might sound like “all for women” guy but then the fact is I was starting to enjoy it. I was following 82 odd people and I was being followed by 18 people. Amongst this 82 people I followed 75 of them were celebrity handles (yeah they call people as handles out here). You know what Facebook, more than the attention or the lack of it; it was the 140 characters that entertained me.

I was still missing you and used to curse the admin guy. I would visit you through proxy https settings and post a couple of pictures and thoughts there but then I should tell you, you were soon becoming a game zone. People used to post Farmville and mafia wars on my wall and trust me I hated my wall. There was a time when people used to share information but then soon it was replaced by funny pictures in which I was tagged and mass tagged in Christmas greetings and  “who my friends” are. I know you are not to be blamed for this but then you could have at least stopped the Farmville thing or the stupid “question to unlock” crap. Anyways, over the time I started enjoying the interactions with people around.

Raggedtag spoke to me and she was so much fun and so was this guy called @jhunjhunwala. He would interact with me a lot. I also got some responses from certain celeb handles and it all added to my excitement there. There were no Farmville and you can ignore people or simply unfollow them. I was like a kid over there, trying to chat with every one. I had tweeted 1100 odd tweets, was following lesser people (read celebs) 48 and was being followed by 52 people. This was the time when guilt crept in and  I decided to be with you rather than limiting myself to 140 characters, so I partly dumped Twitter, changed my identity protected my tweets and ran off from her; all for you.  I came back and I was surprised to see you completely changed. You looked different; you were looking confused and disoriented. People were looking stupider and above all I had more questions to unlock than ever before. I was hurt; trust me I was more than hurt. I removed all the people from my friends list and even blocked some of them.  I felt like a Dhobi ka kuta, na ghar ka na ghat ka. I wasn’t sure about going back to Twitter or even staying back with you and suffer. I felt cheated by you and simply walked away from you. I was hurt… Yes I was.

I just wanted to avenge the frustration in me. I went back to Twitter. Things seemed o have changed there too, there were lesser people following me and try whatever people wouldn’t talk to me. May be it was my anger or the shame of coming back to you, I just decided to stay back with Twitter. I called myself “Fraud_Mallu” to keep my anonymity and started fooling around. Facebook, I know I am stupid but then today when I look back, I think Twitter has changed me into a “not at all shy guy” virtually. I still remain the shy guy who would end up with sweaty palms and fumbling words but virtually I feel a lot more confident. Today I have 800 followers, I am following lesser people and I am anonymous. I have also made some good friends over here @joydas @koriroticraving @NeharikaTweets @hollowmaniac @ikaveri @sangitasri @imayavi and yes this anonymous handle called @namefieldmt. I also found some intelligent people who follow me and I would like to follow back but then again, I have reasons not to. I don’t want this experience on Twitter to end up like what happened between us. Yes I am enjoying her (Twitter’s) company but more than that I miss the good old time I spent with you. May be, we both have moved away and you have forgotten me but to tell you a fact, I still do visit you (I just remain invisible) but ignore everyone. I have also met some nice people in the mean time and have added them over there, yes at you place Facebook, just because that is where I am what I am.

Yours Sincerely,


  1. Rindo says:

    Facebook’s loss, indeed.
    Good job with the anonymity. It would’ve been fun though, if you’d pulled off something like #failboobnames on Facebook, heh heh.

  2. lifecurry says:

    Nice writeup:) i can relate to it a little…

  3. Cindrella says:

    Thats a good one!!! FB used to be my favorite once upon a time!! now its all filled with the games and who are your friends and who stalked u …who loves you and blah blah!!!

    but somewhere i still am in love with FB!! just that i have to clean up my walls once a while!! 🙂

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