A Journey: Kaveri and Him.

Posted: July 8, 2011 in The Thoughts
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She was awake but her eyes still closed, she knew that he would be around. It was a routine, waking up to his head against her hand. It has been a journey living with him amongst other things, a journey that started off 7 years ago. “Kaveri, consider this to be a part of your life. Be strong and you can fight it ….out of you” the counselor told her as she sat there thoughtless and caring less about the new life she just started. She knew it was her, and nobody else, who has to live through whatever she been through and further. She wanted to move out of those wooden doors or at least spend sometime alone within any set of walls. She stood up and as she walked out of the door, she turned around and asked the counselor “Do you think having a pet be a good idea at this point in time?” The counselor unsure of what she meant smiled and nodded his head.

Driving through Delhi wasn’t something that was new to her; after 3 years of being married to the city but that day, it seemed different, felt different. A week ago she had survived what she dreaded the most. Cancer was something she was always scared of, the routine check up, the discovery and life changed forever. She called up D, as she called her husband, and asked if she should buy a pet. A man who adored her and stood by her through every bit of the joy and sorrow she been through, she knew he would ask her to go ahead. He asked her if he should come along but she wanted to be alone for sometime, free from any sort of attention. She parked her car and walked into this pet shop, she wasn’t sure if she would even buy one.

She stood there watching the birds beating their wings around the cage and trying to fly out of nothing, she saw her pain in that struggle. She had fought harder and still had to fight against this nothingness or a struggle against a certain end. Her eyes brimming with tears; it was more for her than the birds or was it for her and them. She decided against buying a pet. As she was walking out of the shop, she saw this teenager bringing in a pup, held against his chest. He smiled at her as she passed him, a smile as if he knew why she was there. She couldn’t walk further and turned around to see why the boy was there. He was there to sell this little thing and she instantly wanted it.

As she was driving back home, she kept looking back to see if the pup was on the seat. Lying against her hand bag and his eyes fixed on her; he seemed like a pair of socks on the back of the seat. There was something about him, a sense of understanding between them. It seemed as if he knew her pain and she knew of his thoughts, all a part of her imagery but to this day there is this understanding, a sense of belonging.

These memories and the years that went by, the tears flowing down her closed eyes and she felt his head against her hand. Another day with this beautiful being, another day it was… as always.

This is a part of my stupid imagination. Inspiration drawn from the tweets of @ikaveri.

  1. Smi says:


  2. lalita says:

    i wish u n deepak health n happiness, peace n prosperity and most importantly togetherness because ur children need u both… ur parents need u both…u r a wonderful couple…god bless…

    • Jaykay says:

      Yeah, I do agree with you but then I don’t think Kaveri would ever know that you did comment over here. But thank you for reading. 🙂

  3. Sunitha C says:

    This is beautifully written Jaykay, in your usual impeccable style 🙂 I like the fact that your normal sarcasm is kept away from this life-inspired piece 🙂

  4. nayna says:

    beautifully written 🙂 how do you do it????

  5. Dhanya says:

    super likes

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