The Short Stories.#55WordStories

Posted: July 28, 2012 in The Work

In an excitement he rushed out of the examination hall like every year
to celebrate his summer freedom, forgetting how this excitement had
orphaned him last summer.
Eyes still closed, he wished she was gone. Love they made the night before was
still hurting his soul. Total strangers lost in lust and impulsiveness. As he
opened his eyes, he realized her absence and the void.
She knew they would leave her there, amongst many her age, until she was no more.
They told her it was for her own good, to be taken care of and to be safe when they
are away. Uncertain she felt for this new home that seemed like a sanctuary. Protected
yet not her home.
Silence was echoing in the darkness, anxious for they knew it was bound to happen. Nothing
but his touch broke the silence, love was made. No words were uttered but sounds of passion
filled the darkness. Legs wrapped around, lips against skin and they sighed together. Tired
and once again they found themselves in silence.
Watching this child sitting across her in this slow moving Train, she felt nostalgic. Her
life was spent studying, understanding and helping them grow. The mother smiled and said
“He cannot hear, he is deaf” and with a smile she replied “I understood. I am a teacher
for specially gifted children and I Train them”
She was in love with his words ~ She pursued him for his anonymity ~ He kept away for his own reasons
~She was determined ~ Love happened ~ He unlike his stories turned out to be shy and silent ~
She felt betrayed and she questioned him~ He smiled and answered “They were stories”

Thanks to Vivek and his #55WordStories


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