The Best Cake Ever: Happens only in Kerala

Posted: August 2, 2012 in The People
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So one of my house mates, the beautiful (now a celebrity after her debut as an actress in the Malayalam cinema) Dominica Mencel has planned to go back to her country, well she is Polish. Oh yes I live with two white chicks and a brown man (I am darker shade of grey so have to respect the superior race or some shit like that). We have a beautiful house, thanks to our beautiful landlady Parvathy Janardhanan.

So to the story, Dominica informed me that she is leaving Kochi this weekend and so she wished to cook dinner for us, also wishing to spend the evening with us. We were game, even after having known her for a long time, because we still have that rush of excitement every time we talk to these white chicks. (Blame the Porn effect or Pron as Varun-the brown guy often pronounces). I was unnaturally sad and soon realized that I would miss some of her funny questions in her beautiful accent. When I say funny questions, I really mean funny. To cite an example “What are you doing with your coconuts?” in a heavy Polish accent that emphasized so much on the nuts. The only thing you can do is to stare at her in disbelief.

So this sadness had to be overcome and so I decided to give her a surprise or more like buy some cake for ourselves to eat after the delicious dinner she had promised.

So, while at work, I call up one of these Bakers and ask them to prepare a cake and make sure that the cake is completely white. The conversation

Me “Please make sure that the cake is completely white”

He “This will be the best cake saar”

Me “Thank you and also, I want  ~Good Bye Hot Chick~ Written on it”

He “Just a minute, let me write it down”

Me “Sure, it is ~Good Bye Hot Chick~ and put that in red”

He “Got it, just come and collect it by 10:00 PM”

Me “Yes, I will but do you want me to send you ~ Good Bye Hot Chick~ in an SMS”

He “Whaaat sir? You will get the best cake tonight”

Well that was an assurance and sounded very promising.

So she cooked the food and all of us were sitting together about to have dinner, suddenly the Promising Baker calls me up and tells me that the Best Cake is ready.

I jump off the bean bag and rush to get the cake. Tell them that I have to meet a friend; the usual Tanya (the other white chick) comments come pouring down on me for being rude and asocial. I ignore her ramblings because she happens to be one of the closest people I am with and I know she can be ignored if and when needed.

I drive to the baker’s and see this guy standing there, he didn’t seem very promising. I tell him that I am the guy who has come for the ‘Hot Chick’ cake.

The cake is packed in a box and with a plastic knife stuck on it. I am impressed but out of excitement and curiosity I ask him, if I can see the cake before I take it home. The guy nods and cut through the thin tape and opens up the ‘Best Cake’ to me, I am not so sure if words can describe the disbelief

This is what it opened to

I am not sure what I was supposed to do; I took the cake and left because they were waiting for me. I wasn’t sure about the reception I would get back at home. I knocked the door and Dominica was happy to see me bring a cake. Tanya was surprised and Varun appreciated the gesture. I asked them to open the box. The only thing I remember is Tanya and Dominica bursting out into a nonstop laughter. It turned out to be the Best Cake Dominica had ever had in India and Tanya has got something to pull my leg for. As for Varun and me, we will go back home today and finish the White Cake sorry the Best Cake.

  1. Hilarious ! It is the BEST cake 🙂

  2. parvathy/ Giri says:

    That was so good ! All the more because u called me ‘beautiful landlady’.Seriously the mallu tried his best. I also liked your comment about Tanya. Yes a close friend is someone who can be ignored and no offence taken.

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