Anecdote: Surviving or Saving

Posted: June 28, 2014 in The Things

She walked up to the edge of the platform to find what the four legged mother and her young puppies were staring at and I followed her. Right under the train, between the track and the platform was another young one. The wheels of the train touching the tiny strands of its hair. She looked at me and I knew what I had to do but not sure how to do it.
She asked me to quickly do it.
I jumped down between the compartments and pulled it out. I got back on the platform and minutes later the train moved.
I looked back at the mother as she licked her young one endlessly. With a sense of pride of being a savior and certain fear of possibilities, I walked along with her and that beautiful smile on her face.
As we walked out of the station, I asked her in jest.
Me “What if I something had gone wrong?”
She “I knew that you wouldn’t let me down and more importantly you just saved two lives. The young puppy’s and yours”

I wasn’t sure if I was a savior or a survivor.

Pondicherry, November 2013.


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