Another Love Story: The Beginning

Posted: December 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

I walked into the empty house knowing there was nothing more that I could have discovered from how I left it; rather we left it. Even the thick wild grass outside the porch and the withered petals of the bougainvillea lined on the sides of the veranda looked the same. I could hear the silence of my unspoken words echoing in my head. It had been more than 2 years. We were in love then or we thought so.

Every story has a beginning and ours had one too.

I had decided to spend a week away from the desk job where I was forced to write ideas, words and forsaken wisdom so that somebody else would sound intelligent. I was happy to be unknown but I always had this wish to write for myself. So walking back home, like most days, I dropped the bag on the sidewalk and sat there. Watching the sea and jaded by the feeling of being nothing against its vastness, I decided to travel to the mountains. All I had to do was call Akash and tell that I needed some time off for I had been working for the last 8 months without a single day away from churning out whatever and whenever he had asked me to. He suggested I travel with some friends but I thought of otherwise. By the time I reached home, everyone from team had called me, including the 3 month old intern who was still a student at NIFT. A solitary trip had turned into a group holiday and everyone was either confused or planning the trip with me as I walked back home.  Of all the people who called, I just knew Shakti. The only friend I made in those cubicles of work and words therefore it was easy for me to tell him the truth. I told everyone that the plan is to travel in the midnight train to Abu Road. I will be boarding the train with regular tickets and then bribe the TC for an overnight journey. I knew it would be a lonely journey, the way I had suggested my plans to them. So I reached Andheri station about 15 minutes before time and sat on the last platform flipping through an old issue of the week. That is when I got a call from the intern, I was about to answer the call when it got disconnected and the next thing I saw was the last thing I wished to see. She was standing right in front of me and looked perfectly ready for the trip. It took me sometime to understand the shit I was in and the only moment when I hoped that more people showed up.

The TC took us through three sleeper class bogies before allotting two seats to us. She was the most excited girl a depressed man could have ever come across. In the darkness of the moving train with total strangers sleeping around me, I realised I was travelling to the place I loved the most with an almost stranger when all I wished to do was travel alone.  Destiny is indeed a bitch. Heartbreak a bigger one.

Away from faces I knew or what they call family; I had grown up in those hills a decade ago in a gurukul surrounded by strangers and stranger stories. Mount Abu was not a new place for me; I had discovered those hills long before the ocean swallowed me. I had slept through the day and that night I stepped out in the cold darkness walking the streets that I had explored and experienced once. As I was leaving my room, she walked out of hers and joined me. I smiled and nodded because all I could do was that. Right across the mist covered polo ground; we found comfort in the warmth of a tiny tea stall. I could the smell the beauty of the tiny earthen pot each time I sipped the hot tea from it and right across me sat a woman who, in that moment, I thought was beautiful. I wasn’t attracted, just found her to be beautiful in that moment; or I felt so because she had the blitheness to accompany a total stranger who didn’t wish her company.


  1. Matilda says:

    And then..what happened next? By the way, you should write more often. 🙂

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